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Samsung Blue Earth Solar Phone

Samsung Blue Earth Solar Phone

With their newest eco-friendly phone – the Blue Earth, Samsung has ditched many of the toxic materials, including flame retardants and phthalates, and built the casing from both renewable and recycled plastic. The integrated solar panel is the coolest thing – expose the panel to one hour of sun for 10 minutes of talk, and to 12 hours of sun for a full four hours of chatting. Samsung says the solar panel increases the phone’s energy efficiency by 34.6%.

This Blue Earth phone has a full-color touchscreen. It also has a built-in “Eco-walk” pedometer function that counts your steps and tells you how much CO2 you’re saving by walking instead of driving.

The Blue Earth should be available for purchase in Europe by the end of 2009. When it will grace the shores of of North America is anyone’s guess…2012??

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  1. Abbott

    December 4, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    Hi, iam trying to subscribe to the RSS feed here but my firefox is giving errors. Can you pls check if its just me or is there something wrong with your site.

  2. Rosli

    December 3, 2015 at 6:47 am

    I have a samsung RS21 frigde / Freezer with Coolzone. The fan section has frozen up a few times. The first time I defrosted the whole frigde freezer for 4 days, and the frigde then worked fine for a couple of weeks before freezing up again. The second time I dismantled the back section of the frigde and defrosted it thoroughly before re-assembling, but the fan has started to make the same noise again after a week or so. Is this due to faulty parts in the fan section and would your kit solve this problem?

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