Solar Chargers

YaYa Power Solar Charger

YaYa Power Solar Charger

The YAYA Power Solar charger is small, so its easy to carry it. The YAYA Power Solar encases an 1800mAh battery pack which can be recharged either through a USB port on your computer, wall outlet, your car’s cigarette lighter or by the sun. This portable charger is great for everyday use, as well as storing for emergency backup. The solar charger lets you to leave all your bulky cables and chargers at home as it universally does the job of them all.

Packaging includes five different cell phone and MP3 connectors for the following devices: compatible with LG (KG90, KG99), Palm Treo (650, 700, T5, Tungsten E2), Samsung (D800, D808, D828, 4P, P1, P2, P19, P20), iPhone and all iPod devices, and a mini-usb connector which works with many of the popular devices such as Motorola, Blackberry and much more.

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